Radio Paradise - Alternatives?

Radio Paradise has been my choice for discovering new music for quite a while now. It is supposed to be eclectic, with “modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz”. For me personally it is nowhere near eclectic enough, with too much emphasis on the “modern and classic rock”. What I’d love is a station that is a bit less ‘safe’, featuring more world, jazz, reggae, neo-classical, electronic, blues, folk, bluegrass, experimental, etc. Does such a station exist? Maybe the best bet would be just a good one playing a mix of music from around the world. I’d say 320K mp3 as a minimum. Any suggestions?

I’ve recently found JB Radio-2 - thanks to the forum’s avid listeners.
You can find it via route Naim iRadio>Locations>N.America>Canada>Ontario
… it comes in as MP3 44.1kHz 320kb/s (same as RP) & sounds pretty good.
They also push out a hires FLAC stream than can be received if you have Roon

The music is very similar music to RP, with a bit more edgy/indie

“Commercial Free Customer Supported”
When classic rock meets the blues,
modern rock mingled rhythmically with indie
and pop mixed with a bit of electronic music…
Welcome to JB Radio-2!


Great suggestion Mike. I’ll add that to my radio favourites.

Me too, already done for days thanks to the forum

Thanks Mike, I’ll give that a try.

Fab, just tuned in, Floyd followed by The Who and now Jethro Tull! What’s not to like! Punchy sounding stream too. Nice one.

The flac stream can also be accessed through BubbleUpnp if you are not using Roon.

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you might try FIP Radio (one of my favorite)…

When I had an ND5XS I did try sampling some Internet radio stations, and of all of them found Paradise the best, precisely because it did focus mainly on rock music. Given that in general I do not like listening to music on the radio because I don’t enjoy the music I like being punctuated by music I don’t like, Paradise was a pleasant surprise. However I have not sort it out since moving from the ND5XS because on balance I prefer to choose the music myself, in full album form, rather than random individual tracks chosen by someone else, even if that occasionally threw up something unfamiliar that was good.

For an ‘eclectic’ mix rather than rock I thought the Naim station was supposed to be the one - though it just seemed to be jazz when I tried a few times.

I assume you mean the JB-Radio 2 stream. Can the same be done for the Radio PAradise FLAC stream?

Hopefully I’ll have time over the weekend to install bubbleupnp onto my QNAP NAS to give this (and Tidal via bubble) a try.

Yes - I meant the JB_Radio2 stream. I do not believe the Radio Paradise stream works (at least I have not been able to get it to do so).

@PW42 I’ve got BubbleuUpnp installed, and it looks like I can see Tidal through the Linn Kazoo app. What do I need to do to get the JB radio FLAC stream?

I’m not sure about the Linn Kazoo app but, in the BubbleUpnp app, go to playlist and, from the dropdown menu, choose “Add stream url” and enter Save it and then you can load the saved playlist.

Can you see the playlist file anywhere? Is it a M3U file?

Can’t see how to do what you suggest on the iPad

Ahh - I’m using an Android. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with Apple but hopefully someone will be along soon who can answer it.

FIP is great content wise but the bitrate is low compared to RP. Still good recommendation. :+1:

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PW42 - (the brilliant) BubbleUPnP does not run on Apple only Android and Kindle.

The direct stream URLs are:-
MP3 channel
AAC channel

Flac 2000 bitrate
live.opus flac

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve been listening to FIP and really enjoying it. Despite the low bit rate it sounds ok on the Mu-So. The only snag is that, unlike with RP, the Naim app doesn’t show what is playing.

For FIP, you can find this on their Website (with an historic) :wink:

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