Radio Paradise Black Out now! 17/3/19

Here’s an outline about what this category is all aboutRadio Paradise from about 15 minutes does NOT work, it disconnects!

JB Radio 2 played for well over an hour today on my Qb with no issues.

I had RP on from around 3 hours this afternoon, no problems.

About 18.30 hours

I had RP on apex the same time. As I said earlier, no problems.
You need to understand that RP (all web-radio stations) send from local servers, if your server is down for whatever reason, another server used in another region is not affected.


I read the title as “Radio Paradise Black – Out Now!”

Pity, was hoping for a higher grade RP special edition, something along the lines of Johnny Walker Black, etc.

Definitely seem to be getting more RP dropouts recently, but suspect it’s my local network / server at fault.

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