Radio Paradise crashes Mu-so Qb?


I am new to the forum and have searched before posting…

Just added a Mu-so Qb Gen 1 to the family and experiencing what I first thought was a intermittent spontaneous random reboot.
However, common cause seems to be that of switching to Radio Paradise (“RP”) stored as a favourite.

If I have another favourite station on and then choose RP, I get a pulsing volume control light, then the network LED flashes orange, returns to white then RP comes on. Happens whether I change preset by pressing “radio” on Qb itself or select from app.

Removed RP from favourites and, so far, no more reboots.

Anyone had this? Any ideas on a cure (other than premanently deleting RP)?

Other weird RP behaviour was that other favourites would save properly but then display as RP and play RP, not the saved favourite. Deleted all favourites and re-saved and this cured this (but not the reboot).

I have had a standard Mu-so Gen 1 and an NDX - neither does the above with RP.


I have had an issue today with my QB Gen 1. A bit like you I had been listening to Paradise radio and had it stored as a favourite.

Turned it on today and all presets were playing only Radio Paradise!.

Have deleted all of the presets and rebooted. let’s see what happens.

Well that didn’t work. Still playing the first preset station on all the other presets.

Will try setting the Qb up from scratch again I guess.

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