Radio Paradise down on my 272 - is it just me?

From about 30 minutes ago my Radio Paradise just stopped working on my 272. All other radio stations are working. Any way of finding out if RP are having problems? I’m getting withdrawal symptoms already!

For me it just plays the same track on repeat

@Stevesky is the Naim guru to checkout this problem

The Main mix flac channel is ok.
The other three flac channels are “Stream Offline” at the moment in UK.

Working now - weird - thanks all

Offline in France. Main feed working.

And now has come back on.

Octave Radio - a new radio

station being setup by PS Audio.
It is fully working but under development.

Excellent SQ and now on Roon
or you can add the URL to Naim V-tuner.

The Jazz Groove have indicated
Unlimited listening ends July 15th for listeners who are not Jazz Groove members. That means listening will be limited to about an hour or two per day* for non members. Here’s why: We’ve not met our funding goal in this Fund Drive. Therefore, we’re forced to impose caps on listeners who are not active members.

Sad but understandable.

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