Radio Paradise down?

Anybody else?


HI Pauls,

I’m based in the UK and Radio Paradise appears to be down (or at least not available) on my Naim Muso.

However I am able to play Radio Paradise (US Stream) on my other systems using Roon.

It’s not working here, either on the Naim app, Roon, or the RP app on my iPhone.

Yup, all the PR services are down for me (UK Oxford)
Naim, Linn Jazz & the BBC’s are all OK

There has been complaints about PR having a few 1-2 seconds dropouts, I sent an @ to @Stevesky for info

Strange - I am able to play the Radio Paradise (US stream) via Roon, and also available using Linn Kazoo.

Yes, here as well

Working here in Germany,well at least in my office

Here as well, no paradise mellow mix

In Italy total blackout of RP

All the RP’s are back on in my area (UK Oxford) 15:00 GMT

Hi Guys,

Radio Paradise is nowadays all hosted by RP in the USA and independent from Naim. The relayed stream to the uk that was referenced in ‘Naim’s Choice’ is no longer running.

If you have issues with RP streams it’s best to take it up with Radio Paradise on their forum with your usage details.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

All the Naims Choice RP’s are running OK for me Steve, (???)

Radio Paradise 320kbps playing perfectly in Sydney, Australia

I’ve been streaming RP FLAC all day with no issues here ins the states.

The RP in “Naim’s Choice” (which I had set as a preset) came back for me yesterday (UK) but now seems to have gone again. If RP “Naim’s choice” is a defunct relay then perhaps someone could remove it as when I select it using the app on my iPad it seems to lock the app up! The direct stream from the US seems to be ok.

Today it seems RP is not available anymore on Naims Choice. shame, but hey ho, the US (CA) server is OK.

RP not available on my Muso Qb today either.

However, it is still available to me today via Linn Kazoo or Roon. Looks like a problem with Naim’s internet radio provider.

Read Stevesky’s post #11 from yesterday ,
The relayed stream to the uk that was referenced in ‘Naim’s Choice’ is no longer running.

I’ve moved to RP from USA (CA) & I suspect thats were Linn & Roon get their feed from

Thanks Mike.

Hi Gents,

For clarity regarding the Naim Choice link of Radio Paradise, we updated the URL to point to the RP USA servers about 6 months ago.

Naim don’t have any special links / feeds from Radio Paradise. We connect in via the same URL’s that are published on the Radio Paradise website.

I’ll ping Bill at Radio Paradise an email as indicates they have had some engineering issues recently on their streams.


Steve Harris
Software Director

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