Radio Paradise feeds not working?

Can’t seem to get any direct RP feeds this morning on either of my Naim systems. Other radio stations working. Anybody else experiencing similar?

I can get RP on their app on my phone so I know they’re broadcasting generally.

Same for me. I’m airplaying RP from my iPad to my Nova as a workaround.

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Update: I can get RP on the direct feed on my Bluesound node 2i but absolutely nothing on Naim feeds.

@Richard.Dane any thoughts? Is there anything specific about the feeds used by Naim to your knowledge?

This is the Hidef feeds off the Naim app.

I’ll see whether @stevesky can see if anything’s up.


Likewise. Website is working fine but nothing via the naim app on MP3 or HD .

Thanks Richard! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like the main radio paradise url’s are down at the moment. See:

Click on the various stream url’s and they error. This is not a Naim problem, but of course we will let Bill know that all is not well on his server backend.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.


Thank you Steve! Appreciate the reply….

In addition, the preset I had vanished. Presumambly this is conected somehow.

Radio Paradise now working again through the app. Thanks to both @Richard.Dane and @Stevesky for sorting the issue!

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No issues here in the states.

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