Radio Paradise FLAC on 1st gen Muso

Hi, anyone got advice on how to connect to RP’s FLAC stream on an original MUSO? Thanks

You can do it using .m3u playlists through minimserver for the old streaming platforms like your Muso. Have a look at this thread and the advice part way down from @Adrian_P: Radio Paradise FLAC........and ALAC

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Another way is to install BubbleUpnp server somewhere on your local network. Create an Openhome renderer on the BubbleUpnp server for your Muso, NDX, etc. Set it to transcode all streams to wav.

Using the BubbleUpnp app for Android, connect it to the Openhome renderer you created. In the playlist section of the app, select “Add stream url”, enter a stream url, press play.

Sounds like a lot of work, but really, it’s straight forward. You will then have the radioparadise flac streams transcoded to WAV which the older streamers seem to prefer for best sound quality and stability. The RP flac streams are wrapped in an OGG container which the older streamers currently can’t deal with.

This is a high level explanation, it assumes you are able to install/configure BubbleUpnp server, details of that can be found with a forum search.

If you get this done, not only will RP flac work, you will be able to stream Tidal (no MQA) and Qobuz (hi res too) transcoded to WAV.

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Thanks guys

Alternatively, assuming you have something iOS, download the RP app and airplay to the Muso.

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That sounds almost too easy, :slight_smile:

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I do what bilposter says, RP app on iPad and airplay to Muso. Select the stream quality in the app - ALAC via airplay works perfectly in my case.

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