Radio Paradise FLAC stream with Innuos Zen Mini Mk2

Hi there, Anyone know of a way to access the FLAC stream with this device? I use ipeng on iPad as a controller. Struggling to be able to find a way. Inputting the URL in iPeng creates an error where the stream cannot be read. I understand ipeng recognises OGG, FLAC etc

Have you tried URL


Hi Phil
Thanks for the suggestion but already tried that together with the other FLAC streams I was aware of. Just keeps coming up with an error.On that stream it says that the ‘transport endpoint is not connected’ Whatever that means?

Thanks I was looking for this.

LMS has RP plugin for the flac stream can’t you use that?

I have no idea how the iRadio service on Innuos devices works, but the RP FLAC stream is apparently a rather unusual combination of FLAC in an OGG container. On Naim/vTuner, you need to save the URL as OGG, not FLAC as you might expect, so perhaps this will be an issue on other streamers, too.

You can add it Roons Internet radio functionality.

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I searched for Radio. Paradise in LMS and found this URL which seems to work with iPeng,ogg,mp3&partnerId=16&serial=eb2459dd9c53d15ccf283b3bbb2366b0


No way of downloading the RP app

Thanks but that’s the 320aac stream

Would I have to subscribe to ROON to do that?

I couldn’t get @CrystalGipsy ‘s URL to work even with LMS. This stream sounds very good to me and the forum thread suggests there are problems with the flac stream suggest not sounding better.


The 320 stream is very good but in my second system with LMS and using the recognised FLAC streams, they sound even better.

Yes. So on Innuos can you not install 3rd party plugins in the LMS server part?

Hi, I cannot see a way to do it in iPeng for iPhone and Squeezer for Android

I dont think LMS normal radio would play the FLAC stream. There is a 3rd party plug in to add it to LMS but I am guessing you can’t add those on Innuos?

You can run LMS on pretty much any computer or NAS, so if you have such a thing somewhere on you network, you can run it on that. It has a horrible, dated user interface, but if you want to run RP FLAC, it will do the job.

I wonder if Radio Paradise is cheating a bit and simply upsampling the 320 aac stream to 16 bit flac? I’m underwhelmed by the flac stream. The 320 aac sounds about the same. Just an unsubstantiated claim on my part of course…

Or perhaps aac is not as bad as everyone thinks.

Quite possible