Radio Paradise is rocking


Been listening to RP all day today and it’s rocking. I have bought about 10 cd so far just by listening to their songs. The best RP listening session I’ve had


That title is very incentive considering the tragedy that befell the town of Paradise last year, Do you want to change it ?


Ooops, sorry guys. I had no idea and no offence intended.:flushed: Richard could you kindly change the title please when you can?


OK, I’m sure @Richard.Dane will see to it when he is able


I’ve amended the title for you. I have to admit that when I first saw the thread title my heart sank, fearing the worst…


Thank you Richard. I was totally ignorant about where the stations name had come from and the affiliations with the tragedy.


That’s no problem Iliria. At least now you know…