Radio paradise MQA

I know not Naim related but thought I post for anyone using a bluos unit, upgraded today and radio paradise MQA became available, sounds flippin fantastic!


Yes been noticing the same thing for the last few weeks. It really does make a difference. Clarity separation, sonic range expression even, but I don’t understand why. I thought mqa was a packaging system rather than a format such as flac vs mp3 say. I also have compared 2i output direct vs the non mqa Qutest. RP via the Qutest also sounds better than previously. Why? Have RP now started to ‘wrap’ higher bitrate files for the mqa stream?

Confused of France.

On non-Naim like your Node, MQA is both a data compression format for hi-res (neat idea that is becoming obsolete with networking progress) AND does this DAC correction thing (might not be viable to do right on scale, but interesting potential nevertheless)

I’ve never been very impressed by MQA from Tidal but I’d have to agree RP in MQA is very good. It makes the Blusounds on par with the flac stream on Naim in our house.

Update on this after some more listening and comparing.

Anyone find this MQA stream a tad lively, almost to the point of distortion on some tracks. It sounds somehow enhanced rather than natural. Not sure whether I am actually liking it in all cases.

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