Radio Paradise now in mp3! 🤔


Was it not MP3 before?


Perhaps that particular album is in MP3? Have you tried another?

Sono circa due ore che trasmette così … Fino a ieri era sempre aac

Duilich nach eil mi a ’tuigsinn

Mine is unchanged, its still AAC, source path is from iRadio Naim’s Choice

Yes, mp3 :frowning:

Same as me, I had it in the preset. But today it is mp3 :cry:

… yes but is the source path from iRadio Naim’s Choice ?



Naim’s Choice still AAC. Selecting RP from list of stations, but still in Naim app and RP is mp3.

AAC for me too :blush:

I can’t understand why … I didn’t touch anything… . Maybe it on R Paradise?

Yes indeed, thats why I asked … are you sure that the source path is iRadio>“Naim’s Choice”. If the source path is iRadio>Location>N.America>USA>California, then its MP3
Maybe its a change in Andrea’s local vTuner server

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Both the RP Naim and RP 320K stations are still AAC for me.

Well the general consensus is usually that MP3 sounds better than AAC on the highest bit rates, and AAC comes into its own with low bit rates.
But we are nit picking… both can sound very good indeed when created with a quality encoder.

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Sono ritornato ad ascoltare in formato AAC … :+1:

Excellent, did it do it automatically or did you reset something.