Radio Paradise - 'Now Playing' coming through on FLAC streams

Until now the RP FLAC (44.1kHz/16 bit) streams have not shown the ‘now playing’ information.

I have this information now showing in both the Naim App and roon - on iPad & Android (+ PC for roon); on Mellow, Main and Rock.

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Not on mine, its still AAC, iOS app & all the RP links are via iRadio Naim Choice

I’ve just noticed this as well ! Great news … hopefully one day we will get cover art

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I have set up the FLAC-specific URL’s in ‘Live Radio’ in roon, and the naim control app shows these when playing via roon on my Qb2, although it is the roon control app that I am using for starting / stopping the actual streaming play to my end-points.

When I had my ND5 XS2 I was able to add these streams via ‘Vtuner’. I have not added the RP FLAC streams to my Qb2 (although I have tried) via vTuner.

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Additionally in Roon you can click on the artist / album playing on RP and you can choose to add it to a playlist / your library … so full functionality
This is a real improvement … very happy


This is a great addition to RP, the final piece in the jigsaw.
I like the integration with Roon, almost justifies Roon on its own.

Very happy with this too, time for another contribution to Bill and Rebecca for the best radio station on the planet :bangbang:



@Ceexkay I agree !

For the value of the RP streams and RP themselves a contribution is the right way to acknowledge Bill & Rebecca (and their technology, licencing etc.).


Any news / updates from Naim on whether we’ll be able to access the FLAC streams directly on Naim streamers (rather than indirect routes like minimserver)?

It looks like vtuner is in trouble with brands abandoning it and its CEO saying it might have to close soon. Not sure if I can post the link as on a “competitors” forum. You should be able to find it using Google.

That might mean that Naim will have to look for another provider soon, and hopefully they’ll pick one with support for flac streams then.

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So, I take it there are s no easy way to type in the URL code with the Naim app? Or at least I can’t find a way if doing it. Easy with my old Cambridge tuner, but less obvious with the ND5xs2…

I had to add the stations via the naim / vTuner web interface
Although there are plenty of warnings that RP / FLAC isn’t supported it seems to work for me

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They apparently changed their encoder so now it can carry metadata.The addition of links to albums and track from the now playing is really cool.

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Thanks. I’ll give that a go tomorrow.

@Fred123 can you remind us how we get to the vtuner interface for Naim, please?
What are you playing this through? New or old platform Naim streamers?

EDIT: seems to get there. Will have a go later, but see you’re using the new platform through a Nova.

Yes through Nova … sorry didn’t realise it could be different on the classic series …
Will be interesting to see the outcome

How do I find my vtuner MAC address (NDS user)?

You use the MAC address of your streamer, found in the app Settings > About menu. However, the RP FLAC streams are not compatible with the old Naim streamers, so I suspect this is a blind alley for you.


If you use that link to sign up to vTuner and enter the details as in @Fred123’s post, you should get there. However, RP uses the slightly unusual format of FLAC in an OGG container, so you should select OGG, not FLAC, and the bit rate is 1000.

As @ChrisSU mentions, it appears the older streamers won’t support the RP flac stream as it’s wrapped in the OGG format (If I understand the issue correctly). However, there usually is another way but requires external help.
If you are inclined, BubbleUpnp server and the bubble upnp app for Android will do it for you.

  1. Install BubbleUpnp server somewhere on your network.
  2. Create an OpenHome renderer for your older streamer on BubbleUpnp server and set it to transcode all streams to wav.
  3. Install the BubbleUpnp app on your Android device.
  4. Open app, connect it to the streamer renderer you created.
  5. In the apps playlist tab, select: Add stream URL
  6. Enter the RP flac URL.
  7. Tap to play. You then will have the RP flac stream transcoded to WAV, works nicely for me.

Here’s a pic from my NDX, you don’t get the artist/song info though.