Radio Paradise on TuneIn

E-Mail just in from Radio Paradise concerning UK service with those using TuneIn
NB: This is not affecting Naim who use vTuner

RP say "if you’re having problems listening to Radio Paradise lately, our apologies.
TuneIn — who provides the default radio service to Alexa, Sonos, Google Home, and many other players — has restricted listening to RP due to an ongoing issue between TuneIn and PRS. Hopefully this will just be temporary. Please note that complaining about this to TuneIn won’t help. It’s not their fault.

Meanwhile, you can still listen via our apps & our website
On Sonos, use our Sonos Music Service. In the Sonos phone app (not the computer desktop app), tap ‘Settings’, then ‘Add a Service’, and find us on the list. After that, we’ll be available on the ‘Browse’ menu. You’ll be able to select alternate mixes, access lossless streaming, and skip songs.
On Alexa devices, try “Alexa, enable Radio Paradise”. After that, “Alexa, play Radio Paradise” should access us directly
On Google Home, you can ‘cast’ RP to your speaker(s) from our Android app, with limited voice control (pause & skip).
On Apple HomePod speakers, you can use Airplay2 to play RP via our iPhone app and direct it to your speaker. Once started, you can use Siri commands to pause, skip, etc.
On many WiFi receivers, you can manually add a link to one of our streams."

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