Radio paradise picture icon

Hi. Up until yesterday my Nova displayed the Radio Paradise icon. Now it’s just displaying what looks like a old scart plug. Does anybody have any idea why. I’ve turned the unit on and off a few times, still the same

Same here. Changed some time yesterday afternoon. Also tried rebooting.

At least I’m not alone.

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Yep same here too

Is it the same on the Naim app with Nova/Atom?
My NDX iRadio connection shows the usual RP logo is unchanged on the app

Same here…

Yes it is Mike-B

If as it looks to be restricted to Nova/Atom/Star (my NDX iRadio app display is OK) I suspect its a Naim issue, someone needs to flag it up to Support.

Done. Thanks Mike-B

No icon on my ND555 or iPad screen?

I’ve emailed Naim support and received a reply to say they’ve received the email. Hopefully be all sorted soon

More likely a vTuner issue I would have thought

I doubt as it’s OK (unchanged) on my NDX/iPad Naim app. Whatever it’s something for Naim to solve


We’ve been in touch with Radio Paradise and we believe the issue how now been resolved. Could you please confirm? Many thanks

RP logo is visible here on Atom screen.
Seems a shame that fancy colour screen on the new streamers can’t display album art and other info that you see on the RP apps.

Yes - logo is back on my Nova.

Logo back on my ND555 all good.

Back here too. Thanks.

No worries, thanks for confirming!