Radio Paradise playlist confusion


I am confused by the Radio Paradise play history for the ‘Rock Mix’. I am using a Unilite and listening to the 320k AAC stream. This currently never matches the play history on the RP website for the Rock Mix.
If I select the Main Mix 320k AAC stream this always matches the play history on the website. I believe the Mellow Mix also tracks the website correctly, although I don’t listen to that as often.
I am pretty sure this has only started happening recently as I often check the playlist on my phone to see what is playing (not using the Android RP app).
Is there a simple explanation that I am missing here?

I no longer use the Naim app for radio listening as I believe airplay from any radio stations own app providers better sound quality. The big plus point with RP is that from its own app you can listen in lossless mode, either FLAC or ALAC. Nor do I have any problem with matching the play history which you describe.

Thanks for the reply.
I find the 320K AAC perfectly adequate for my needs, and convenient using just the Unitilite remote to select RP. Easy for the wife to drive too!
However, I now see that the RP app on my android phone does match the playlists on the RP website for all the streams. But the Rock mix on the Naim tuner is still a different playlist.
Also the streams listed here:, do not match the playlists on the website for the rock mix (in any format). Yet all the other streams do follow the playlists.

Really this is a question for Radio Paradise not here. I was hoping there was an explanation that somebody here had encountered. At first I wondered if it was something to do with Vtuner, as I still haven’t managed to add stations by that method, I was going to try to add the flac RP stream that way.

This will only work on the current range of streamers. On the older models, it’s not possible because they don’t support the slightly unusual format of FLAC in an OGG container as used by RP.
There are various workarounds that can make it work, such as a wired connection from iOS device to streamer USB port, or using LMS. I tried this when I had an NDX, and to be honest, I didn’t think the sound quality was really much better than the 320 stream, so my advice would be don’t bother.

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