Radio Paradise Streaming Files

Can Naim streamers NDX, Muso etc. play the full FLAC resolution files available from Radio Paradise instead if the AAC 44.1 320kbs stream?


RP FLAC is not a stream in the usual sense of an iRadio stream, so unfortunately it can’t be added to Naim’s iRadio by its URL. I have a spare iPad that I plug into the front USB port if I want to use it.

Try JB Radio-2 as a good alternative in HiRes FLAC…

JB2 available via Naim App?

Yes but not in FLAC, you can find it in Canada / Ontario

Thanks, is this an issue is how Naim can accept streams or the other way round or both?

Really good station…cranking out the tunes…

Thank you Flachead.


Many thanks for the JB2 recommendation.

Impression so far is that JB2 beats RP in terms of sound quality. (Both @ 320 KB via Naim app.)

Content seems broadly similar.

Agreed, JB is very enjoyable. I can’t recall ever hearing UFO on RP and I listened a lot.

So why is it my $399 iPad can stream above 320 radio and my $6k NDX can’t?

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May i ask what is about all this radio paradise ? i guess the sound and music is good. But is it the only one station with that quality on naim app? Just curious

There are several stations that stream 320 or higher but RP is a default on Naim streamers. Probably one of the first in the market. Started streaming in 2000.

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Almost always from me, Radio Paradise is 317 Kbps and not 320 like any other radio station!

Try connecting to Radio Paradise through the pre-installed link in your ND5
With your Naim app Home Screen touch the iRadio icon …
iRadio>Naim’s Choice>Radio Paradise (x4 bit rate selections)

I’ve been doing as You say since I have the nd5

I choose Rp 320, but does it not run to 320. Maybe it’s the distance from the Rp server?

I’ve always wondered if there’s a reason or a difference in quality b/w the two RP 320K option?

Is that the URL for vTuner?
What do I put in the codec and rate fields?

I’m not sure about vTuner, I have used this URL via Roon…

I noticed this on Roon website

Radio Paradise experimental flac stream URL.

Source is BillG on RP website.

Tried it yesterday through Roon and it as OK for a while then was stuttering a bit.

Good to see some progress on this front.


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