Radio Paradise superb sound

1st gen. streamers don’t support it, sorry!


RP IOS app has cache manager which allows you to download the various streams eg Main, Mellow etc at various bitrates including ALAC to your phone for future playback. This can be streamed via Bluetooth etc or played through wired headphones. It can also be fed out through USB to 272 or other dads.
Amount of download depends on phone memory size, I usually download a couple blocks of 120 mins each.
I am not sure if you have to create RP account for this.

A great feature for my favourite station which just keeps getting better. I keep saying that it is like playing my own library with quite a few additions.

A bit of trivia, one of the nice things is that Paradise is not a cheesy name but named after town where it started, they had moved out before the recent disastrous forest fire.



I thought as much, thanks.

Bluenode 2i automatically connects to the HD streams. No need to mess around with URLs - as easy as connecting to any other streaming service.


You don’t need to mess around with URLs on a Naim streamer either. The lossless RP stations are listed in a separate HiDef section on the Naim app along with a bunch of other lossless FLAC stations so that you know where to look if you want them.

That’s what I see – no Hi-Def Radio button / option

The new streamers enable the Hidef Radio icon in the screen shot below.


It’s only available on the ‘new’ platform streamers. If you have one, a re-start might be needed (and check for the latest version of the app).

Yes, thanks. I’m on the old platform.

I wonder what technical issue(s) prevent the old streamers from getting this ability? Any thoughts chaps?

It seems a reaaaaaaally BIG shame.


I have had it on a lot while wfh for the last few months, open it up in Google Chrome on PC and cast it to study system.

Still very glad I invested in a few Chromecast Audio devices before they binned them.

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Lossless iRadio stations use the slightly unusual format of FLAC in an OGG wrapper, which the 1st gen. streamers cannot support.

So that’s a hardware spec limitation or a SW/FW limitation? Could there therefore be a retrofit?

How are you getting this ‘onto’ your Naim equipment? Is there an ‘elegant’ way to do this?

Cool! I just discovered HD radio stations stored at my NDX2

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It is via my Bluenode 2i. Amazon HD is listed as a service in the same way as Tidal, etc.

This turned out to be a really great thread. It was a reminder for me to finally look a little more serious at cataloging some of my favorite Internet Radio stations. So far I’ve only gotten through a couple of different genres (Electronica and Classical), but many’s SQ is pretty remarkable.

There is a fairly well established workaround using Minimserver and playlists - have a search back through the old threads. I used this happily on my NDS and UQ.
Essentially, with Minimserver installed you can set up a playlist which contains the URLs to the various loseless streams for RP etc.

I see, thanks for the tip.

I agree wholeheartedly. I’m listening to it at the moment!
I can really recommend Chord Epic for the interconnect. (Can I do this on a Naim forum? :joy:)

Great thread . I agree on RP quality but on top of that the conversation here is encouraging me to go a bit wider in my listening. :musical_note: