Radio Paradise through Roon

Could I seek some expertise please?

I could see artist and track details when playing RP via the Naim app.
Unable to see this info when playing RP via Roon.
I’m using the Roon app on my android phone.
Thanking you all in anticipation.

Same here

It depends on which stream you choose. There is one that will do that. I have it working on Roon on Android and also works on display on Samsung TV. I find that it isn’t 100% stable with the display part. If for example I start listening in my Kitchen and then switch it to my living room, it displays the tracks before the switch but not after. The stream continues fine, just not the track info. Stop/restart and it comes back. I tend to have the track list up in a browser because of this: - I listen mostly to the mellow mix and I like knowing what the track is if I don’t recognize it.

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Do you use a screen share to cast the display to your TV?

Brill, thanks, selected the second CD quality stream and now have artist and track info.
Thanks Dan

I use the browser app. When you set up the display in roon it shows a web page address and you point the samsung TV browser at that and it updates as each track changes. It works better with non-radio as the cover art updates.

Think my Samsung browser app is too ancient, I just get ROON on screen, nothing else.

That means you haven’t switched on the display. You need to go to the end point and click the little screen looking icon and turn on the display.

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@Neilb1906 See


Works for me. But I do find it doesnt always play the default stream. All the ones that end with flacm have metadata.

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