Radio Paradise Tracking Timing Off

I listen to RP quite a bit while I’m working. I’ll also load up the RP website on my PC to check up the details on some of the songs playing. The website has quite a neat feature that allows it to track what’s playing, updating itself even though it’s not playing through that browser.

In the last couple of days I’ve noticed that the timing of the tracking is off by a couple of minutes - it switches over the the next track quite a time before my Qute gets to playing that track.

Anyone else experience this? Problem with RP or is there a significant delay on the RP feed to the Qute?


Just done the obvious test and pressed the play button on the web page. Looks like the stream through the web page is currently a couple of minutes ahead of what I’m listening to via the Qute. Odd!

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I’m presuming others experience the timing difference between the streams via RP’s website and through Naim. Is there a technical explanation?


From the Naim side a stream from Radio Paradise will be delayed by around 12secs, depending on the format being played. This is to ensure stable streaming. Any further delay from that is due to implementation issues on the Radio Paradise network.

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