Radio Paradise

Hi I’m trying to connect to Radio Paradise but it won’t connect? All my other usual stations are fine. Is anyone else having a problem?


All silent on the paradise front for me too!

Same here with RP this morning in the UK. Shame JBradio2 went off a few months ago.

FLAC stream ok for me

Its working via the website, may be a Naim app issue?
Perhaps @Richard.Dane or @Stevesky could assist?

I’ll see if @tomvamos knows whether there’s anything up (or down).

Yep, rp working via their website, but nothing via naim app.

Hmm, RP certainly isn’t playing ball. Or even playing! We’ll take a look.


It seems Radio Paradise have chunks of their network down. Based on:

All the AAC links are failing when attempted to be played (try clicking on the links from your computer).
I’m sure Bill at Radio Paradise will hit the reset switch accordingly on their side.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Would appear that RP are revamping their website, this may be the reason behind the issue!

Seems to have reverted back to its normal format - so maybe not!!


Looks like their system is now playing again.




Thanks Steve

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