Radio problems with MuSo

Yesterday marked one of the really low points of MuSo ownership.

I have become used to the occasional loss of BBC R4 and that this could manifest itself as a pause in the process and by the end of bad day the MuSo could be many minutes behind the FM transmission.

Yesterday, the problems escalated to Paradise Radio (needed to counter certain R4 programmes) and also resulted in the affected MuSo deciding to lose itself from the network.

I HATE streaming. Streaming is crap; will be my epitaph (I failed to collect my re-issued KC ItCotCK on Saturday).

This is usually down to either poor internet speed or, poor network within the home.
I often listen to Radio Paradise and rarely have any problems with drop outs or pauses.
My kitchen Mu-so QB (using wi-fi) used to occasionally drop out but since moving the cordless phone base away from it, now performs fine.

Thanks for the reply. Never before had problems with Radio Paradise in the past but it is now happening quite a lot (it now has to step in quite a lot in place of those annoying Nasty Party triumphalism R4 programmes these days). There seems to be an issue with BBC radio streaming on an infrequent and irregular basis, but now it seems to cause the MuSo to give up and die.

I think a 2lb lump hammer is needed and not just on any NP canvasser that might happen to call.

Connectivity and continuity problems of this nature are frustrating, in the past I’ve found that rebooting the home network resolves things.

Do it in a logical order though. Once everything connected to your network is powered down switch off the router then restart it, wait till it’s all up & running then restart other devices one by one. That’s worked for me a few times.

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Thanks, but why (and this is rhetorical only) do electronic devices need to be shut down and re-started?

I despair.

I have an ethernet switch between router and streamer, sometimes i occasionally have problems where just turning the ethernet switch off ( not the router) and rebooting it restores normal service. No clue why…Yes it is frustrating.

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Thanks, yet another nail in the coffin for streaming, for me at least. I need to search out replacment drives for my CD player and to save for the next small bit of diamond.

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