Radio station added cannot be played through the app

Hi all,
I have already used the sign up ID provided by Naim, to add stations to the Naim vtuner. Although stations can be added, they can’t be seen from the “Added station” column, thus they cannot be played, why’s that?
Some of you may ask why I need the Vtuner function. Most radio stations can be found already from the " Internet Radio" Icon. Yes, but those added stations are paid stations and has a far better bit-rate than those free stations! That’s why they are needed.

Can you say what these stations are? I’m not aware of any paid iRadio stations, other than a few like Radio Paradise that are funded by voluntary donations.
If you subscribe to a station in order to pay for it I don’t think there is any mechanism by which services like vTuner can recognise this.

Yes, like, etc…
They will provide you a link which is much higher rate than their ordinary free stations when you’ve subscribed, like a month or year.

No I have used numerous brand with internet radio, and subscribe Calm radio for years. I have enjoyed their premium member with high quality music for long, in using Vtuner media too and no problem!

Possibly worth checking that there’s no issue with the URL. Possibly one for @Stevesky although maybe not on a bank holiday weekend.

URL is not problem for sure! Using them for many years already. And now the problem is, the Vtuner has the stations added, only the Naim app can’t show it out. I guess the Naim app with Vtuner as media doesn’t work with Android phone basis, just as the Tidal app. It can work only choose devive being played from Tidal app, but not on Naim app itself.

I think you are getting ahead of yourself.
If it worked (and no obvious reason why it should not) then a problem has developed that needs to be investigated and fixed.
Full details and the URL are needed and to be checked. Also do other users have it working OK etc.

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