Radio The Jazz Groove does not tune

Hello there
I’m new to the Atom
One of the radios that I listen to the most is The jazz groove mix nº1
Several days ago, he sometimes tunes in and sometimes he doesn’t.
As of today it does not tune in anymore.
The radio website works fine and there are no announcements of any difficulties. So I guess the error is in my Atom.
The other radios tune in immediately.
Also try to tune in from search and it doesn’t work either.
What do you do in such cases? Can you reset the radio connection or something similar?

Sounds like the sort of issue that @Richard.Dane and/or @Stevesky at naim could look into. They will be able take things forward from this post. Thanks in anticipation chaps!

Hi @mpaltadonna

Based on the streams documented at:

Their servers all seem to be broken. The only thing working is their website feed, but that runs from a different server.

I think I have their contact details so will give them a nudge that their systems are broken.

I’ve checked the naim/vtuner side and the correct url is in use.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi @mpaltadonna

I checked this morning and their streams are working, but they seem unreliable. They seem to be hitting some max user limit, so often the URL returns an error, rather than play.



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Been like this all this weekend

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