Ran out of sockets, assume this is a good fix

After the introduction of my P8 and EE8 I’m struggling for plugs.

At the moment I have a switched 2-gang from the wall outputs as follows:

  • Output 1 = Wireworld Matrix which all my HiFi gear connects to
  • Output 2 = 4-way extension for lamp + various USB devices

I’m thinking of removing the existing in-wall switched 2-gang and replacing with an un-switched 3-gang which will free up some space, with wall outputs as follows:

  • Output 1 = Wireworld Matrix
  • Output 2 = SN3
  • Output 3 = 4-way extension for lamp + various USB devices

Are there any alternatives please (not DIY) or is this a decent resolution?

Products as follows:

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I’m guessing it will all still come from the same bit if ring main so will be pretty much the same but tidier.

There seems little to be gained by removing the SN3 from the Matrix. The best thing to do is to install a dedicated spur for the hifi. Is that possible?

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If the original socket is on a ring, you might be better off putting another double socket next to it and breaking into, (extending) the ring.

I believe 3 way sockets create a fused spur internally, you would need to check the socket manufacturers details.

I will whip the face plate off today and work out whether ring or radial, from memory it’s ring.

My lounge has its own RCD so I “think” I already have a dedicated feed for the socket that feeds the HiFi equipments.

I only need to free up x1 socket (on the Wireworld) which is why I was looking to feed the SN3 directly from the wall.

I thought of this but the walls are concrete so I’d need to knock out a space for the back-box / channeling for the wiring.

Well, I say concrete but it’s more like Moon rock !!! Even with an SDS drill this took forever the last time I had to cut into it to route some other (non HiFi) cabling.

The 3 gang socket is a sensible low cost solution for what you’re describing.


You would need to check that, 3 gang sockets I’ve used have a 13Amp fuse that protects all 3 sockets.

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Yes indeed about the triple sockets fusing.
I’ve got an MK triple in use and the whole thing is fused not just the nearest one.
The OP triple looks like it might be a Volex one they are good quality but I haven’t tried their stuff on the audiophile loop.
Usually MK or Crabtree are the favourites.
Nice tidy idea though. :+1:t2:

Thanks for this as yes, it is a Volex model.

I couldn’t find a 3-gang un-switched MK unless you know where they are available please ?

Looks like I need to delete my post on the 3 gang fuse, I just checked MK specs & indeed the fuse protects all three outlets.

BIG apologies & I’ve deleted my post.


No MK variant unless switched I reckon the Volex is fine. :+1:t2:

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Thanks for the advice on this thread, I wired it all in and we are up and running.


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