Random Choices

I stumbled into this by accident a couple of months ago but am beginning to enjoy it.

In a thread about large record/music collections I discovered mine, of about 500 LPs & a similar number of CDs, that I had considered quite large, was in fact exactly the opposite!

However I realised that I have dozens of albums I have not heard in years, many that I had forgotten about plus a few I don’t even remember buying!

So, at least once a week, I have gone to my vinyl collection (will do the CDs when I feel I have finished the vinyl), shut my eyes & picked an album at random. If it is one I haven’t heard for a long time or one I don’t recall much about, I play it from start to finish & listen all the way through.

So far I’ve not uncovered any forgotten gems but I have enjoyed most of what I have played. This week it was Elton Johns 1988 ‘Reg Strikes Back’. Only one track I would play again anytime soon &, given the choice, I wouldn’t buy the album again. Nevertheless , not an entirely wasted 40 minutes or so.

Others I have listened to by random choice, & enjoyed more than endured, include records form Alphonse Mouzon, Ben Sidran & Kevin Eubanks (presumably after his boxing career?).

I’ve enjoyed the experience so far, more than I expected to. How about trying it yourselves?


I average about 4 albums a night at present and make a point of listening to something I love; something newly released;something I’ve not heard in years and something entirely random. It’s not as rigid as that but I try to adhere to it wise I’d only ever listen to new stuff.

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Just from your own owned collection or including streamed music?

I am restricting myself just to music I purchased sometime ago & can hardly remember much about, including why I purchased it in the first place.

It varies. Old stuff is mostly but not exclusively ripped CDs.

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