Random dropouts

Just lately, there have been occasional dropouts from Tidal “hifi”. I was able to reconnect by tapping the displayed ll symbol and then the >

This evening, attempting Ludwig’s 6th, it just keeps on doing it and the previous reconnect tactic is not working.

Anybody else getting this problem?

Mine was also dropping, and now it won’t stream anything. Have reinstalled the app and shut down the system but nothing.

Yep. Complete shutdown. Looks like we’re back to where we were a year or so ago. Tidal makes a change without telling anyone and we all have to play catch up.

Really, I would have thought after the last embarrassment NAIM and Tidal could have sorted this stuff out…

So you can’t stream anything at all Mike?

Oh… Just had another go and it’s working. Haven’t changed anything here. So - not a total disaster, but definitely something flaky going on.

I’ve noticed that the screen on my ND5XS flashes on and off every time I toggle a change on the app… never used to…

Yes mine back working again. Tidal server glitch perhaps.

I seem to have a buffering issue. Maybe the ISPs can’t cope with all the New Year’s messages!

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