Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Questions

I want to connect a Pi 4 model B to a Chord 2Qute directly via USB is this possible with just a cable and if so which USB port do I use as an output from the Pi?

I used this same combo 3 or 4 years ago but with a Hifibery Digi Pro and it easily bettered the ND5XS I had at the the time I just couldn’t be bothered with all the faffing around needed to play Tidal through it.

Now though Volumio has an upgraded service for as little as £25 pound per year that incorporates Tidal Connect. I’ve also read that the Pi 4’s audio out via USB is much improved over previous models and the 2Qutes USB input is excellent so I’d like to connect the together directly.

Any usb b to usb a cable will do the job. Many will recommend high priced usb cables from Chord etc. Not found one cable to make any difference from any streaming device to DAC, choice is yours. Usb port used on Pi makes zero difference in my experience, others will say it does. Make your own decision on this.


Thanks I have a bog standard cable to use I’ll get the Pi set up over the weekend and give it a go.

Right I have the Pi up and running connected to Tidal Connect via the upgraded Volumio App.

As stated above I have the 2Qute connected directly to the Pi USB to USB have any users used this method but the experienced better fidelity using another connection method?

Yes that’s did used to be true but the Pi 4 has much improved USB out.

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The port could cause some dropouts and ticks as it shared the same bus as the Lan port and bandwidth was reduced it was never noisy and in my experience it just isn’t. I never had any issues myself its very DAC dependant not all DACs have a good usb implementation even expensive ones… With the pi4 the bus is no longer shared. I have a mixture of 3 and 4 and can’t hear any difference. The Ifi stuff is a waste of money and make zero difference when I tried them on both my DACs.

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Just to report back I’m pleased to say that the Pi 4 connected directly to Chord 2Qute via USB sounds plenty good enough to my ears so no need for other little fiddly boxes or Pi Hats.

I’m running and upgraded Volumio the cheaper of the two upgrade options which allows me to use Tidal Connect and the same situation with Tune In radio at £25 per year it’s a bit of a bargain and my other half is happy which is a bonus.

Admittedly it isn’t my Primary source which for proper listening is vinyl but for our needs it’s a neat, tidy and almost out of sight solution.

I’ve also just discovered that if I attach a CD drive to the Pi Volumio has CD ripping software that will allow me to rip and store CD’s to SD card in my Pi.

I’ll give it a try and report back.

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