Raspberry Pi - Manual script

So doing a bit of cleaning, will upgrade unplugged the router, swtich, streamer and now i cannot recall the manual script, unfortunately i cannot find it in the archive either.

Some help please, the afternoon quite listening session is going down the pan

I don’t understand what you are asking for. Manual script?

Hi DKNK - if you recall there where a few commands to restart the Bubble Server

If you add this to your crontab bubble will start on reboot.
crontab -e
Add launch.sh to crontab
@reboot /home/pi/bubbleupnpserver/launch.sh >> /home/pi/bubbleupnpserver/bubble.log 2>&1 &

or to start it now manually:
cd bubbleupnnpserver
./launch.sh > /dev/null 2>&1 &

Thought it was

cd bubbleupnpserver

./launch.sh >; /dev/null 2>;&;1 &

Thanks DKNK - my last post was just as you posted, got it working many thanks.

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Be much easier to run it as a service that’s starts up at boot.

Mine comes up with runlevel 3. Cron is the easy solution here though. :blush:

So had to install a new Sky router today, everything is up and running, but i cannot get bubble server to start, even tried the manual script, nothing.

Have tried a few reboots, checked all settings, i can log in fine, it is connected to the internet as i write this post but the system panel web page cannot be found :upside_down_face:

New router? Then you likely have a new ip adress for the rpi.

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Yes all new.
Is that something i need to reconfigure in Rasabian

Is the IP in the URL the same as the one you use to login via a terminal?

Yes, there should be nothing to configure if the ip changes. Login via terminal and start up bubble as shown earlier.

Many thanks guys up and running again.

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