Raspberry PI - Windows 10

So read today someone has developed a package to easily install on a Pi 3 and 3b.

I’m thinking that opens up lots of cheaper opportunities, one in particular is a Roon Core, or does that need more power?

It won’t run on Arm architecture no where near the horsepower.

Even is you have no local ripped files and purely streaming, or am I misunderstanding the library size requirement.

As decent NUC, RAM, etc, hits about £500.

Err, yes it will, Windows 10 is compiled for ARM to run on Windows 'phones.

I’m talking about what the op asked can it run Roon server on pi runnig Windows. No it won’t be good enough and they don’t support arm architecture for the core.

Roon core needs horsepower to run that’s why they give it a minimum spec to run on a i3. It does a lot more than just library management and even with just streaming these are managed in the local database if added to your library. It’s also doing all the audio processing before it gets to endpoints, handles DSP. It’s not like a uPnP server

It can run on lower end hardware as people run in on j series processors ok on Nas devices but for best performance for all it’s features and to get the most out of it do not underspec the Roon core. Roon Core is also not supported on Arm architecture.

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