Rattle n Hum (Not U2 - but me too)

Buzz … and not Aldrin!

Getting familiar with my old system (been boxed away post house move / renovations for 18m) I’ve set up in the dedicated room space.
This is a much quieter house than the old place, and I’m not yet familiar with the wiring in this house.
Having set up the old school LP 12/52/Supercap/ Snaxo/Supercap/ 250’s…

Phono selected and with nowt on the Linn turned up the volume to hear what , if any background noises.

Well blow me ! What a racket - pops- buzz - crackles and intermittent too…

Was initially anxious about the kit … so muted and listened - volume @ 50%… still pretty audible.

Went to switch off stuff to see if it was really mains interference and I was astonished to hear the result if I shut off all the WiFi / hubs /routers / range expanders and bridges that reside here. Almost silence!

Thought - all the chatter on the forum about mains cables - and an ideal dedicated supply to the power block … never had an issue with noises before - but always had a dedicated supply in previous dwellings as standard - but not heard the cacophony of the audio soup that is generated on a general home ‘ring’.

Sparks booked for the weekend !

Now - what brand of socket ? And switched or non is the next question to the panel.

T v m you Naim lovers …

There is lots to search on this. Split the tails, dedicated consumer unit, type C breaker, earth taken back to meter, 10mm2 cable, unswitched MK socket. Assuming you are in the U.K.

A dedicated mains circuit from split meter tails is definitely worthwhile in my books, and should help, but there is no guarantee that it will completely solve your problem. On the basis that prevention is better than cure, I would also try to identify the offending devices, as it may be possible to replace them, or their power supplies, quite cheaply, or reconfigure your network in some way.

Thanks for that - good ideas there.
I had a eliminated breakers on the circuit before - by using a heavy cartridge fuse - 32a - to give a more ‘robust’ connection…
I have a split consumer unit - with the second one for an outhouse that lays dormant unless I’m in it !
Good call… I’ll get the sparks to hook into that.
As to 10mm tails ! Might Not going to get that to the back of the socket … however two or three length of 2.5mm might be do’able!
Non switched sockets on the shopping list and as it’s close to the board should not prove a big problem

If you can’t do 10mm at least do 6. 10mm should fit the socket fine.

Will give it a shot!

One run of 10mm will fit into the terminals on a socket, but two is a real challenge, and your electrician probably won’t do it. That strengthens the argument in favour of a single socket with a good quality mains block connected to it.

While you have an electrician running cables, perhaps you could ask him to run some network cables too. They are not expensive, and I wonder if it would enable you to rationalise your collection of ”WiFi / hubs /routers / range expanders and bridges” which appear to be the cause of your current problem.

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