RCA cable question

I was just looking at three RCA cables.
Tellurium Q Blue II RCA
Atlas Equator RCA
Chord Shawline RCA

I prefer a round analogue sound, without harshness.
Does anyone have experience with any of the cables?

I wouldn’t know, I make my own cables (currently Mogami 2497).

They’re probably not ideal for you as they contribute very little, allowing a clear detailed and evenly balanced sound that’s doesn’t add harshness, but still essentially devoid of the ‘round analogue’ colouration to the sound that you requested.

Sorry I can’t give a positive indication for any of your suggestions, but at least I can tell you one option to avoid if you want to use cables as tone filters.

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I’m sorry but cables do not “sound” of anything.

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A bit pedantic or just humor? The only component that sounds is the speaker of course.

I can testify that Chord interconnects are soft and organic sounding. I had the Anthem or Epic, don’t remember, and now the Signature tuned array. Some find Chord a bit dull and prefer the Hiline. Not me.
Other here, as @hungryhalibut , have the Tellerium black.
You have a lot of threads on these cables in the search part.

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Of the options above, Shawline will be the most detailed but also the brightest in my experience. To get a more mature, accomplished sound from Chord, I would suggest Epic if in budget.

my suggestion would be the TQ of the 3 if you are trying to avoid brightness but keep some detail and an overall balance (I just find Atlas cables a bit too smooth and closed in)

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You are the ideal answer the OP was searching for :+1::sunglasses:

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I found that they did sound different whilst my kitten was chomping on them, some sounded scrunchy, others squelchy and a few crispy. After this feline attention, they sometimes didn’t sound at all.

Is it definitely a kitten? Not a gerbil?

Cats just love to cause trouble

QED Signature Audio 40 would certainly also be a good choice.
Does anyone know the cable?

Atlas are excellent cables i use the mavros rca and I would not change it.

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