RCA or RCA to DIN Interconnects?

My bro is in the process of picking up a Naim XS-2 integrated (60 watt version), which will include the NACA5 cables!

His primary source is importing his CD’s via AIFF into iTunes, then putting them onto his iPhone and iPad. From the iDevice, he is using a lightning to USB-A cable into an HRT iStreamer DAC. From the DAC, it’s RCA out to the integrated.

So, is there a sonic benefit using an RCA to DIN cable? Or, will RCA to RCA sound the same?

In either case, what are you guys using? Looking around, Chord Clearway seems to be a really good cable? Anyone use Flashback Sales or Witch Hat Audio?

If RCA to DIN is a definite sonic benefit over RCA to RCA, what would be the equivalent to Naim’s Lavender interconnect? I guess Naim never made any RCA to DIN cables?

RCA to DIN tend to be better on Naim kit than RCA to RCA. I’m sure Naim used to do a special order lavender cable in RCA to DIN but with your brothers setup, I’d go with something from Flashback. I’ve used them a number of times for custom cables and they do the job nicely.

In my experience the difference is marginal at best but others claim the difference to be significant but if I where your brother I would try and get away from iTunes now he has bought such a great amp.
Something as cheap as a Raspberry pi based streamer DAC with Flac or Wav files will offer more sonic difference over iTunes than Din over RCA in my opinion of course.

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I would go for an RCA to DIN cable. Naim do make these, or if you want something chaper, I think the Flashback cables are very good for the money.

They do/did.

See here;

Beyond the standard lavender grey i/c, also consider the RCA Phono to DIN Hi-Line.

Thanks for all the responses. Here is some pricing (in USD) total shipped:

Chord Clearway: $150-$165
Witch Hat Audio: $130
Flashback Sales: $50

Of the three, I think the Flashback Sales cable is most equivalent to the Naim original? Some have written too it sound better? Anyway, my bro wants to try and keep everything as “naim original” for sound as possible.

Be careful making assumptions. I have a Flashback 3.5mm to Din cable (it came a NAIT I bought a few years back). It is very different to the Naim lavender grey 3.5mm to DIN interconnect. The Naim is my favoured 3.5mm to DIN i/c.

Is that a polite way of saying BAD?!

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