RCA plugs or ready made interconnect

So, i’ve got a nice length of Van-Damme cable here along with some spare DIN connectors. I’m thinking about making up a pair of interconnect (DIN to RCA) cables for my system.

Can anyone recommend some decent phono plugs? Or even a ready made equivalent cable that comes at a reasonable price?


Rean or neutrik for plugs. DIN plugs I find fiddly to solder, though one of those crocodile clip helper stand thingies can assist.
Otherwise skip the diy and get something from “designacable”.

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Good call, I always feel like I need 3 hands when i’m soldering!

Naim do a very good RCA to Din cable for £115.

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Yes, but what are they actually called? I was trying to buy one last year and it’s amazing how difficult it is to buy something online when you don’t know what it’s called!


Try searching for Third hand.


Or wire holder for soldering.

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That, or Blue Jeans Cable.

I use Tiffany plugs.

The plugs will need to match the size of the cable.

Helping hands.
But might be too light for pressing the heat down.
The metal clips take the heat away.
Better to put the plug in a wooden block with a 4mm hole.

Apparently “ crocodile clip helper stand thingies” works just fine!


Indeed - just after I posted, I thought I’d better check! Google is better than I give it credit for…


This arrived today from Amazon….

Planning to make up the cables this weekend


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