RCA’s or XLR to Din cables

Hi all. I just got the Supernait 2 to run with my LUMIN T2. The LUMIN has RCA or XLR outputs and the Supernait 2 has RCA or Din inputs. Any thoughts or experience which is better sounding? Interesting enough my RCA’s cost $100 and could spend more with Audioquest but XLR to Din max out at $50.

Thanks for any feedback to help guide me.

Naim amps do not used balanced XLR inputs, so probably best to stick to the Lumin unbalanced RCA output.

Not sure I understand. The Naim has Din inputs and there are are cables available with XLR out to Din in. Would that not work?

The XLR Cannon sockets used on some Naim amps are single ended, not balanced like most others. You should use the single ended outputs on your Lumin, which are most likely the RCA phonos.

It’s not the type of plug/socket that’s the issue, it’s that the connections are either balanced or unbalanced. The Lumin has both, but Naim only use unbalanced.

Lumin (Peter Lie) has advised me not to do this using XLR. You can easily find him on the Roon forum for further details. One of which is going XLR to DIN from the T2 will be sending 4v output which the Naim amp may not appreciate very much and then there is the proper hot pin wiring to verify in the cables before use…

I’ve just had a snoop at the Lumin website, and it says that the balanced output is 6V, which would be way too much for a Naim preamp. Even the 3V on the unbalanced is more than you really want.

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Thanks for all the input…no pun intended. I’ll stick with my RCA’s

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