RCA to DIN help needed

Hi all. I have just purchased a Nap 200 to use with my Atom. I am planning a little mod on the snaic cable to solder on some RCA’s to one end. I know this is not what most would do and there will be recommendations to purchase an appropriate cable but I will most likely end up buying an Atom he to partner with the nap so I will need rca’s anyway. If not, I will just fit the Din plug back on.

My question is, the 4 pin din out on the nap 200 is obviously L+R+N+power for a nac pre.

The RCA wiring is simple but what do I do with the power wire that will also be in the loom?

I hope this question is allowed.

rather than muck up an expensive naim lead ?
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NAIM 5 Pin Din Twist Lock to RCA Phono Cable Stereo Silver Plated Pure OFC 1m



Although not the recommendation you want, I’d just make up the appropriate cable and leave the 24v pin unconnected at the DIN plug.

I wouldn’t say that a SNAIC is the easiest to convert to RCA at one end, especially if you’re planning to eventually put the DIN plug back on. It’ll knock resale value when you do sell it on.

Ok this is easy. I shall do this. Thank-you muchly sir! Easy to just disconnect and tuck away. Not fussed about resale value.:+1:t2:

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I would leave the SNAIC well alone. It’s relatively costly and easy to muck up. Naim’s own RCA - DIN4 uses interconnect cable. You just need an RCA-DIN4, which should be easy enough to make if you’re OK with soldering. Follow the pin layout on the back panel of the NAP200 (it shows the Input socket pin layout) and be careful to avoid connecting anything to the +VE pin.


Yes I am good with an iron. Made up plenty of cables just nothing involving din. The pins look easy enough to follow, just wasn’t sure about positive. Thanks for the advice. I might just end up buying a cable though. If I do, what do I search for? @sjw said a 5 pin din to rca but it is 4 pin on the nap 200? I don’t get this?

You want a 2 x RCA Phono to DIN4 interconnect.

Here’s the Naim one;

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4 Pin Din To RCA/Phono Cable Interconnect For Naim 0.75m

Like this?

The key thing - as Richard posted - it that you want phono to Din, not Din to phono. It’s about the input and output pins.

Hmm this is confusing me. I thought I had it figured out. So is that cable in the picture I posted not the right one?

As long as the DIN plug wiring is as per the NAP200 socket diagram then it should be fine. The problem comes with generic 4pin DIN to RCA cables, especially if the are wired for Quad DIN pin outs as these put 24v where you don’t want it. If the seller can confirm it’s wired as per the socket wiring on the 200 then you’re good to go (or just make your own)

I think what might be easiest for me is to unsolder one din plug from the snaic (the one that would be at the pre amp end) and pop it on a pair of interconnects I have already. Then i can just solder it back on the snaic when need be. This way I can be sure to match the diagram and also I don’t have to worry about what to do with the +ive.

Why not just buy a proper Naim cable. I believe they cost £115 and you don’t risk wrecking your Snaic cable, which new costs £189.

Hi Mark - sounds like a plan. Personally, I’d leave the SNAIC as is and just order a 4pin DIN plug and fit that to your other interconnect.

Don’t be silly Mr Halibut, how will I wreck it? It is only 4 solder joints… Besides, if for some strange reason the din plug spontaneously combusts i can purchase another and solder that one on. They don’t do anything magical with it it’s just solder joints and wire.

Edit… well i suppose it has spent some time on that magical shaker thingy at the factory. :face_with_monocle:

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Yes I have just considered this. I see they are quite cheap.

If you can solder and have the kit, then it’s a 5 minute job easy, why spend money when you have a cable you can use

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With a SNAIC in order to make the appropriate tails for the RCA Phonos you would need to hack it back and ruin it. You’d never be able to make it a SNAIC again without drastically shortening it. Either way, modifying a SNAIC in such a way is not recommended and likely falls outside of forum AUP.

Just get an RCA Phono to DIN4 interconnect. The one you show above looks cheap and should do the job - it can be used either way around according to the seller. I would suggest getting at least 1-1.5m length as while too long may be inconvenient, too short is useless. Only other question is how it performs. I can’t answer that, but for little spend it should be easy for you to find out.

Thankyou for the advice, at least I have a few options available. I will have a think about it and decide what to do.

Well, you could just buy a 4 pin Naim plug and 2 RCA plugs and make a lead. A mate of mine made me up something similar for my sub. Cost about $25.

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