RCA to XLR cable advice


I should soon be taking ownership of a pair of ATC SCM40A active speakers. I will need to connect them up to my NAC-N 272. The ATCs take only XLR cables whereas the 272 has only RCA or DIN outputs.

I can’t find a suitable cable from the usual vendors such as Chord / Audioquest / Witch Hat / Mark Grant which makes me think it would have to be custom made? There are very cheap cables on “that famous auction site” which look like they might work…

Also this paragraph from the ATC manual worries me: “Hum problems resulting from unbalanced connection may be reduced by making ONE of the following modifications to the signal cable connections: If the driving preamplifier (or desk) is double insulated (i.e. has no mains earth), disconnect the signal cable screen at the RCA Phono plug end. Alternatively, disconnect the signal cable screen
at the XLR end. This second option will make the source the reference signal earth.”

I don’t understand that to be honest, but thats not important. What worries me is that I don’t know how to find the right cable that does complies with the above. I am not skilled enough to make my own either.

I think my setup is not that uncommon, so I hope someone else has found a suitable cable.

hi wilro15, have been through exactly the same (272 to Manger S1 active) a few weeks before. As a few times before David Laine from Flashback Sales did have exactly such cable in his web shop. Super fairly priced, super quick – and sounding very, very well. I did actually buy both versions from him (RCA and DIN – to XLR) – would go for the DIN version if I must choose.

An no I doe not get any commission for the recommendation – just like that seller :slight_smile:


I ordered a pair of custom inexpensive RCA-XLR Mogami 2549 cables; based on internet research this cable seems very popular for interconnect use

I’m taking delivery of a pair of ATC SCM19As tomorrow - to be fed by my NAC-N 272 - so I’ll know soon enough how they work out!

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I would just ask Salisbury to assemble a Super Lumina I/C with the right connectors. The ATC probably deserve it. :sunglasses:

Chag -


Yes please do let me know. I may be getting hung up unnecessarily on the reference signal earth. Enjoy your new system and post some pictures!

Thanks wilro15

ATC SCM19As arrived, playing around with positioning at the moment … fresh out of the box the presentation quite different from Totem Mani2s, greater clarity, better soundstage, much more controlled bass in my room (key reason for the change), perhaps more presence … they’ve only been on an hour, I expect they will bed in and develop over the first few weeks

Cables: I don’t have anything to compare and I don’t know how they have been wired, they were made up for me by Worlds Best Cables who must know what they’re doing as nothing has blown yet … so far so good :slight_smile:


I hope both @ wilro15 and @ andyl give us updates on how the speakers run in over the upcoming weeks and please post what your final decisions are for the DIN/RCA to XLR cables you choose to use.

I loved the 19A speakers that I heard at a dealer demo and would consider them (or the 40A) for a future purchase so interested on how both of you get on with your installations.

Thanks in advance…

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