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Just a quick note to give my reflection in regards to DIN versus RCA. I have N172-XS and MacIntosh MC501 monoblocks. Given the length to each monoblock I originally used the RCA outs. I tried Chord Shawline, Audioquest RedRiver, Wireworld Oasis 8, Van den Hul D102 Mk3 and Atlas Hyper. All on 1.5 or 2m lenths. But I did try the 4-pin DIN to RCAs Atlas Element bespoke cable and was astounded by the difference. Not sure if the matching impedance/capacitance of the DIN or simply better output connector? Anyway I now use bespoke 2 meter (long split) Atlas Hyper Integra interconnects. NB I am not inviting “cable make no/big difference” arguments. My point is that the DIN sounds better than RCA in my view - especially over lengths longer than 1m. Cheers


I had my ND555 connected to my Violectric V281 headphone amp with a Chord Sarum T RCA/RCA. I would have rather used the DIN out of the. 555 but that was being used to connect to my NAC 552.

I kept thinking about trying the DIN A/V out of the 552 into the V281. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a custom cable because I’d never get it back. I wound up buying a moderately priced cable from Israel. It sounds so much better than the RCA cable that I’m going to sell it. It’s not the Sarum T it’s the DIN source and maybe the NAC 552.

BTW, a friend compared the DIN vs RCA outputs from his 555 into a V281 and said the DIN was better despite using a cheaper cable.

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