(Re) Configuring 252 and Naim App

Hi, this is my fist post so a) apologies if I post incorrectly and b) I hope someone has the knowledge to help as Naim is now closed for the holidays.

I have an NDS, 252 into a 300DR system and have been very pleased. The NDS was set up into the CD input and the Naim app configured accordingly several years ago. I’ve now acquired a CD555 and having connected it to the CD input and moved the NDS to AUX2 I’m struggling to get the Naim App configured to connect/control the NDS via AUX2. Every time I access the app on the iPad it switches to input CD - as expected. I haven’t been able to find anything on chat rooms/web/manuals to indicate where the configuration is changed from. Hence I’m reaching out for help please.

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In case you’re not aware of it, the System Automation you’re presumably using for volume and input selection is described here:

This describes different boxes as examples, but the principle still applies to NDS/252.

Thank you - appreciated greatly.
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Within the app you need to say which preamp input the streamer is connected to - then it all flows.

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