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Maybe one for the streaming forum not sure….
I’m still in the slightly irritating position of using the Original Naim App to control my HDX, and the Focal Naim App to control my SuperUniti in my second system. Whilst the Naim App has a partner desktop App for windows, The Focal Naim App until now cannot be installed onto a Microsoft Windows operating environment. I have read that you can now Run Android apps from within Windows by installing the Amazon App Store App and downloading the Androids apps into there.
Unless I’m missing something the Focal Naim App is not available for download via Amazon App Store on from Google Play. So seems there is still no solution. Anyone else tried this?

I take it you’re thinking of the N-Serve app that had a desktop version, along with the other user interfaces. There was never a desktop version of the original Naim app.

I can’t honestly imagine Naim would consider it appropriate to provide a desktop UI for HiFi systems, and they have moved away from this option for the Core, their current server. Maybe one for the ‘feature requests’ thread if you really want it.

Naim confirmed some time back that they had no intention (at that time at least) of submitting their app to the Amazon App Store so we could run it via the Android Sub System on Windows. You’ll find all sorts of other suggestion for achieving similar via alternative solutions (e.g. BlueStacks) but not the native Android Sub System for Windows.

Pity IMO, it’s one of the reasons I use Roon

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Yes , because it was the first Naim app I always think of it as the original one. I have to say that whilst I mainly use n serve on the iPad there are some things I can only do on the desktop app and it’s so much quicker typing on a proper keyboard for my old fingers. With mini laptops becoming ever smaller and lighter many are opting for them as alternative to the iPads. Strange Naim won’t consider it.

Tks I had missed that, wonder why so difficult to add the app to the Amazon store. Would be so much easier to control the Supernait from the PC in my music room where all my other guitar apps are running. So I can play along. Not the end of the world but irritating that the solution now exists but Naim not engaging.

I agree that a windows version of the app would be very useful. I’ll look again at the Amazon/android situation.

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