Re-open F1 2020 thread please

Hi Richard, would you open this up again please?

Thank you

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Good spot Jamie, you beat me to it.
The 1st day of pre-season testing today

It was and co-incidentally I met up with my F1 insider friend today and probed him! I have stuff to share…


My insiders have moved on, both now out of F1 completely

Funnily enough mine will at some point towards the back end of the season, for a couple of reasons.

First, he thinks this will be the last year of F1 as we know it, i.e. some kind of pinnacle of motorsport, Ross Brawn is effectively trying to unstitch the ’beast’ he created, namely Mercedes F1.

Second, he’s not convinced his employer will still be around much longer…

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Now re-opened for you.

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Cheers Richard

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