Re-racking help

Hi - after a bit of help.

I presently have the opportunity of re-racking my equipment as it’s taken down while I sand the floor boards in the listening room. I also have recently reduced my box count.

So I have a linn axis which I plan to move to it’s own wall mount, this has a Stageline Phono stage. CD5 WITH FLATCAP / SUPERNAIT 2 / arcam rblink for access to tidle.

I will be retaining my current optimum glass rack for now but based on advise woukd like to remove empty shelves.

So basically what’s the golden rules?

Cheers Stu

I photographed the connections of before …so hopefully it will all work after. Also I put a bit of coloured tape on the back next to the relevant socket and corresponding colour on the plug that went into that socket.
Seems easier than trying to understand the connection guide again?

If you can - leave an empty rack between those items like the amplifier and Flatcap and those like the CD5 , Stageline, Arcam

Basically separate brain from brawn

Easier said than done

Agreed, I have taken a video. Cheers stu

And do the coloured tape…

Cheers Ian. Ideally I want to remove shelves, with this in mind how would you stage it from bottom to top? Stu

Put the flatcap at the bottom. The other two don’t really matter - just order them so they are most convenient. Do you want the Supernait as the jam in the sandwich or as the top slice?

It’s when you have head units without transformers that it becomes more important - with your boxes they are all powered so it’s far less of an issue. Just keep the Stageline away from the transformers as far as possible.

Will do :wink:

Thank you for the response, based on this I plan to arrange as follows from the lowest first:

Flat cap
Supernait 2
Stageline/arcam rblink
Linn axis

Cheers stu

Sounds good to me.

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