Is it me or is the re-release of old albums with added “bonus” tracks annoying?
I’m currently listening to Marillions Script for a Jesters Tear & the 96kHz 24Bit version has 20 tracks!

I’m fairly sure the original (vinyl) issue had just 6. Which implies to me that the additional 14 tracks weren’t considered good enough then.
And listening to the 20 track version now they were correct :wink:

I suppose that the record company thinks that the listener is getting something extra at no extra cost. I don’t know the album, let alone any of the extra tracks, but there must be something in the additional material for the diehard fan to enjoy, surely?

That said, I suppose that we’re accustomed to a few extra ‘tracks that got away’. Fourteen extra does seem extreme.

Perceived ‘added value’ (ie completists- cough up).
I’m not very keen either as how many times will the various (out)takes, flubs etc get played? By me, once mostly, unless it’s a genuine different approach - The Doors’ jazzy take of Queen Of The Highway for instance.

( At least put the extras on a separate disc).

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I’m not familiar with the ‘jazzy’ outtake of ‘Queen Of The Highway’. Where would I find it, please?

Thank you.

Hi Graham - the most recent release of the QOTH jazz version was Morrison Hotel 50th I think.
Should be easily found on YT too.

It’s a nice swing take!

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