Re-releases with extra tracks that mess up the original

I’ve never really enjoyed re-releases where there are ‘bonus’ extra tracks such as re-mixes at the end of a CD/LP you know really well.

Where it really annoys is a new track in the play order when it was missing originally.

Just playing Marillion’s Clutching at Straws on vinyl (2018 5 LP set) and the original single LP is split over 2 discs and there is an extra track ‘Going Under’ at the start of side 2 of LP1 - this was not present on the original vinyl release and really throws the listening experience for me as it doesn’t seem to fit.

Maybe it was there on the original CD release, not sure, but it grates.

Any other examples?

Looks like the track was only on the CD, not vinyl or cassette.

Agree. Can’t stand listening to an album only to hear some poor quality demo tracks at the end. An album is a story and this just spoils it. Second CD is ok but other than that I try to avoid.

Agree on the poor & out of place demo & studio experiments added into a re-release.
That the nice thing about streaming, unlike CD & LP, no matter from a download or a CD rip you are free to pick what tracks to keep or to junk. What I do is keep the re-release album as it is & make a copy with only the original released album tracks.

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Fortunately the majority of albums come with the additional tracks added to the end, so when playing a ripped CD I just get the next choice ready to play, and switch when the “proper” album finishes.