Reached a plateau

…in my HiFi.

You know that stage when you’ve been through a frantic period of changes and purchases, in my case lasting a year, and now your HiFi is just about right? :slight_smile:

Last time I was at this point was when I had my NDX/SN2 setup (both purchased 2016) but then, after 2 or 3 years I started to have some thoughts for improvements and then that leads to another manic period of swapping and changing.

I’m still doing some minimal tweaking, like playing with some interconnects, but, essentially, it’s darn near perfect.

The question obviously arises ‘is that it?’ and, truth be told, probably not. I’m sure I’ll have another itch to scratch in the future, for example I still have a hankering for some ATC SCM50 actives, but if I was told now’s the time to stop I wouldn’t loose too much sleep over it.

Anyway, for now, it’s stop worrying about how things can be improved, give the bank account time to recover and listen to some music! :slight_smile:


A very happy position to be in. Just enjoy the music.


I agree. You have to go with the music sometime or you’ll never enjoy a system.

Tell yourself you’ll need a Naim NAC 552 before its worth upgrading the speakers and going active at the same time.

And if someone tells you that your A40’s are great and you could already upgrade your amp to a 252/250 don’t listen to them.

But as you have had to ask on the forum you might already be doomed.


How do you compare the ATC CA2/P1 vs the SN2 that your ran? My dealer does sell ATC speakers but not the ATC amps and was always curious

Were you using the ATC SMC 40 speakers with the SN2?

My last upgrade was a switch to TQ Ultra Black in 2015 and before that I swapped my Xerxes for a Xerxes 20+ in 2010.
Been very happy with my system for a long time. Have considered a streamer but love my CDS3 too much.

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CA2+P1 was better than the SN2 with the SCM40s. I got the impression the SN2 was struggling with the SCM40s. CA2 and 2xP1 was even better but, I admit, the extra P1 improvement was marginal. It gave some more control over the bottom end and gave extra clarity to the the upper range but you had to do a back-to-back comparison to hear the difference: In isolation I doubt I’d be able to hear the improvement of the extra P1. I now use the Allegri+ direct to the 2xP1 and that’s the best combination so far.

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