Reaching the End Game

Well i guess you could say that will never happen?
But for me its the first time in my hifi journey that i haven’t felt an upgrade is needed.
Its quite a weird feeling really, but i can honestly say thats it. I am sitting here listening and i can’t see how it could get much better unless you have a very large money pot, and even then is it?
For the first time ever i can say digital is king, my rega P10 with apheta 3 and aura sounds lovely but even streaming-audio beats it now.
Its been a very long journey to get here and the last 12 months has seen a massive change in my gear, infact its all changed apart from the headline.
But the detail, depth, width and just dynamics of sound i am now getting from digital is just astonishing and can see my apheta cartridge lasting a long time now.
Cheers dunc


Congratulations Dunc, you have attained what many of us seek.

Mind you I am listening to London Grammar right now and I am entirely fulfilled with the purity of the music.

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What’s your system?

Its a funny thing really and i know there’s always new and better coming every day, but i can’t see me moving on from this as i dont think i can afford to go there even if i wanted to.
All decent hifi sound nice really, but just sometimes it all comes together nicely and its at times like this you really need to ask yourself if you really want to try and find more. I was just about at that point a few years ago with my olive cd2, 52, active into sbl’s and then for some reason started thinking i could get better and to be honest its only really at this point i could honestly say the expense has been worth it. Its been a rollercoaster ride with room changing and then trying to find new speakers, but happy to say i have once again found that sweet spot, that is so hard to get.

Heart of the system is Naim still.
552dr and 500dr.
Then sources are :-
Rega P10, apheta 3 and rega aura.
Melco N1ZS/2
But the real star that has really made the difference
DCS rossini dac/player and clock.
Into PMC fact 12 speakers


Just goes to show that one’s musical appreciation is subjective. How that caterwhaling can be held up as an example of musical purity is quite beyond me.
However one man’s meat…:grinning:

Well Dunc, maybe one could state, that you are not exactly slumming it :partying_face: Enjoy Peter
PS. Always helpful if Forumers would put their systems on their profiles.

We are pretty much there also. It might seem wierd for a time but you get used to it. Doubtless some tweaks and upgrades (probably mostly at service time) will ensue for us, as they probably do for many of us.

Our system is performing at such a high level (by our estimation) and seems so well matched to the room that we are too busy enjoying our music collection to contemplate how it might be better (as opposed to merely different).

If Naim ever come out with a Statement streamer, maybe we’ll have a listen. Maybe. We were there with the NDS. If the ND555 hadn’t appeared and hadn’t sounded so much better, we would still be happy. So one should never say never.

Weird, LG speak so highly of you.


My endgame will be the day when I will be too poor to upgrade. If not I don’t see an end.
Hopefully I am not rich and have not enough high monthly salary to reach quickly an end game.
This lets some place to desire, dream, hope…
If you have all too quickly, you are frustrated. At least me.

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They’re not alone there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning::grinning:

Nearly there for me too
One last 500 to DR
Change the remaining Super Sarums to T
In about 4 years new cartridge either like for like Lyra Etna or Atlas & Chord Music tonearm cable

No cost item is dedicated CU from the Henley block feeding 7 single I switched sockets via 7 separate radials all @ 10mm


Almost there too. Bigger house with a dedicated music room and a pair of Dynaudio Confidence 50s/Kudos 808 etc to make the most of the electronics.

If all things go well, it should all be done in about 5 years!

I thought I was there too with my eight year old Uniti 1, but very soon a Nait XS3 and ND5XS3 will show up. That should hold me over for another good while! :grinning:


I feel like I’m at my end game now with NDX2/XPSDR + 252/SCDR/300DR.

I thought I might consider a SuperLine to replace my phonostage (which is quite special already), but it’s apparently not possible to audition one so I have to rule it out. Otherwise, I am happy to stand pat with what I have.


And an extremely nice place to be! Enjoy!

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If I had a pound for every time I’ve read postings from folk who think they’ve no further desire to upgrade, I’d have - lots of pounds. Eventually, sooner or later, we all get the itch to find out what if…

However, I will concede there is something really, really special about the 500DR/552DR combination, something a bit final.


I think I’m just about there. 3 x 300DR just feels like a step too far box count wise even if I could afford it. Maybe a 552 if the stock markets ever recover before I retire. And possibly a few more interconnect upgrades. I did recently hear a 500 driving ATC 50 fronted by a maxed out LP12 and Superlumina full loom, full fat fraim etc and to be honest I preferred my active Briks. So not tempted down that route either. It was in a shop to be fair so the acoustics probably didn’t help.

Well, that depends. I claim I’m done at 252/SC/300 and I am. Even if I would like to go higher, to 500 series, that won’t happen. For one, the jump is much greater than working up the classic range. In addition, I retire in a couple/few years. That’s my next upgrade, and it isn’t compatible with buying more gear.

A new carbon wheelset for my gravel bicycle is more likely at this point. :slight_smile:


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