Reading forum more than listening

I have just realized why I read forums too much. I used to have 3 nice dealers where i could frequently hear other systems and also friends who were into music. However I have realized those dealer are gone and the one I have access too are further and not as interested in just random listening. Also many of my friends have moved on to other life issues.

So without input of listening to other equipment I have turned unintentionally to reading about it. This always cause you to wonder what if with little ability to actually listen and then go my system sounds as good or better or I just like it better.
I have not heard any other hi fi for 3 years now even at dealers where I have browsed the offerings.

My 2 cents on why we lust for other equipment.
Of course when I fire up my system and drop a needle I forget about all that.


The forum is a community with many members who share a similar passion. If music loving friends and local dealers have moved away then it’s not surprising that you have filled that vacuum with the next best thing - the forum and its many members. And you are very welcome here Ken. Just remember though what brought you and everybody else here in the first place; music. The hifi is the means, the music is the ends. So don’t worry too much about how your hifi compares with others. So long as it connects you to the music you love, then all is good. As you say, “drop the needle” and “forget about all that”.


It’s just human nature to envy others and it can be difficult here at times as some have setups that others could only dream of. However for me while I love my Naim gear it’s only a vessel to play music. For me it’s always about the music.

Look forward to reading your posts.

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It’s not so much worrying about comparing with others it’s more continuing what I started to get better sound


Similar for me: I donˋt like to waste dealers time and only one of my friends has a good hifi at home, so reading about hifi is my main source of information.

When considering to buy something from my dealer, he usually lends it to me so I can try at home.

Just in case you’ve ever wondered, this is what I look like.



Apart from the fact that younger generations see hi-fi as less of a ‘rite of passage’ than many older forum members probably did - theirs are different - internet commerce has savaged the high street over several decades so it’s more inportant than ever to support the ‘bricks and mortar stores’.

What makes it worse is that in the past we had local dealers with perhaps fairly limited options. Now we see far more products available via the internet but fewer places to demo in person.

You know all this I’m sure and it affects most things not just hi-fi.

The beauty of this forum is in all honesty a very healthy tolerance to discussing all manner of hi-fi and non hi-fi matters with appropriate moderation when necessary. Naturally content is mostly about Naim stuff but it’s very welcome hearing about people’s experience of other equipment, be it esoteric or not just readily available in UK.

The site is a real credit to Naim and the forum hosts/moderators.

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