Real Power into 2-2.5Ohm amp by naim

it’s not properly a classic stereophile review, but this one is about one version of the Acts:

Forum member @DerekWright has Chimeras, and uses a 552/500. It’s a fantastic system with amazing imaging and great engagement. I absolutely would not use them with anything less than the 552/500 and would suggest that we’re you looking at say the 252/300 you should look at smaller speakers such as the Discovery, though even they really benefit from the bigger amplifier. If say a Supernait is your limit, then Arcs would be better.

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and for the A.c.t. the model after the one and the two, just called A.c.t.,
what you suggest.
I also plan to pair Act with a Torus.

@Richard.Dane : can you tell me what’s wrong with the link I posted? I’m sure I see other stereophiles link here. i don’t want to do something I can’t, pardon.

Probably 252/300 or better. These are all really good speakers and they need electronics to match.

and about a 52 + supercap olive and a cb 250?
In another thread I read one member used SN3 HC to drive the new p2.0 in a big big room, and He enjoy the System and tried many options before buying WB.
So i was thinking at all the alternative I have, but i also was thinkin at SN3 HCDR and maybe a 200DR,
or 272 and 250 DR, and so on.
You think it is not enough?

You’ll really need to try for yourself. The 52 and 135s would very likely be fine. Maybe a 250 but not a 200 I’d suggest. Just be careful that you don’t get demanding speakers, start with inadequate amplification and then end up spending far more than you anticipated in order to get a satisfactory result.

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and for imaging and soundstage, are the new or old gears better?
Torus and Act can perform very well, but about Naim, which is better?

@YetiStockholm uses Wilson Benesh P2.0, with 252/250 if i remember well.

Hi Nigel - You must have been really impressed with the Chimeras and the Naim system - it was over 10 years ago that I think you heard it. I have surprised myself with the system, especially with rock concert attenders who have been most impressed with the system when listening to Pink Floyd Pulse final track with the explosion et.
Frequent comments are on the level are “Just like being at a real concert”

However my preference is for classical music eg Saint Saens Organ concerto.

Thank you for reminding me of the shared experience.

Hello–As the designer of the 1 ohm Apogees, I have some experience with low impedance loads and amplifiers ability to cope. There are two criteria. Does the amp operate and not shut down, or blow up. Almost all amplifiers will meet this criteria and occasional low impedance will be tolerated with no problem. However, what we found many years ago, is that some amps would operate at one ohm and deliver the same sound that it would at 4 ohms, and many others would clearly not do that. The result was that customers were not happy with ML sound into the low impedance, but were very happy with the Krell amplifiers, and in fact they seem to thrive on the low impedance.

When I restarted my audio journey about 3 years ago, the first thing my Naim Dealer did was ask the factory if Naim Amps would be suitable for the One Ohm Apogees, and the answer was not really. I have no idea about 2.5 ohms as the OP asked. One indicator is if the amp will double its power output as the impedance is halved. So if its will double its power from 5 ohms to 2.5 ohm, then it will probably sound fine. This was the characteristic of the Krells that seemed to work. They would double down to one ohm, indicating that the current from the power supply was adequate to do that. Otherwise the PS sags its voltage, and that is clearly audible.


… and that’s why I found the Krells were much better at driving my Wilson System V speakers, (and they also make a good job with the Isobariks as well).

Mind you, I still have my 135’s and 250 somewhere, and the JR149s, and …

And you @DerekWright found the Chimeras not good with classical music?
Do They lack in somethings?
You talk about Rock and Classical, can you argue thoroughly about your experience.
what music you listen to, what are the pros and the cons of Chimeras, what system you have with it, and maybe you try more than one.
That would be great if it’s not a Problem for you.
thanks in advance

And you @DerekWright found the Chimeras not good with classical music?

Do They lack in somethings?
<No I find them too be very satisfactory - prior to the Chimeras, I had a pair of WB Act 1 (I think) before them I had a pair of KEF 107s
before that a pair of Spendor BC1, prior to that a home brew box with large drivers>
You talk about Rock and Classical, can you argue thoroughly about your experience.

what music you listen to, < varied mainly prior to 2000>
what are the pros and the cons of Chimeras, what system you have with it, and maybe you try more than one.
< The speakers sit at the end of the electronics - I gave up on Hifi system chasing in 2008>
That would be great if it’s not a Problem for you.

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I am pretty sure He uses Supernait 3 with Hicap (DR or not I don’t remember) and NDX 2 with XPS (DR same).
But if at the end he changes the system, I don’t read it.
At the time He changed the mbl and asked for advice, and when He bought WB, I think He had the system I told.
And if you look at the P 2.0 spec, that means something.
He also tried many alternatives in the 10k range.
And He prefer how the Supernait Drive WB.
In his room, dimensionally proportional to his nickname.
I don’t want to upset you, but I think here both Naim and also WB were a little bit underestimated.

A brief update to all people that helped me.

After having had the Wilson Benesch speakers for some time I got a chance to change my Supernait 3 with power supply to a combination of separates available here. So today was my first day with a NAC 252 with SuperCap and a NAP 250 DR – and of course the sound fills the room in a different way. Deeper and still more relaxed – and to be honest, what these fantastic speakers needed.

I quoted the @YetiStockholm last system in « speakers for SN2/ hicap «

ok, so we are both right.
I miss that post, probably I ended reading that 3d before He change the system.
Sorry about my inaccuracy.
Still, what I say was true.

I’m not argue that WB sound better with 500, an am pretty sure they also improve with Statment,
But my point is not this.

I hope you don’t misunderstand me, maybe because of my poor english.
I only say that Naim made really good amps, and people can be surprised about what for example a Supernait can do, and about the X speaker that can drive.
That does not mean Supernait is the best for X speakers.

As you said, I don’t want neither to upset you. If you believe a Supernait can drive easily the Chimera, ok. Only a test at home or similar conditions will demonstrate it.
However you opened this thread and asked advice. All members suggested that these speakers need much bigger amp than a SN.

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I dont believe a Supernait can drive the Chimera.
least of all easily.
my fault.