Realistic expectations on dealers

I totally get you @Takoyaki, we are all in the same boat. Relationship is both ways. Build a good relationship with the dealer and he might be willing to do more for you.

Work on the $50K glint in your eye look @feeling_zen mentioned. :wink:

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For comparison, I’m not aware of anywhere where I can loan a brand new tv or cooker for a fortnight to see if I like it.

Speakers I understand as the room interaction is important but dealers that loan out boxes must be commended.

Once a brand new naim item has been out the box and trialled for a while can it then be sold to someone else as new or do they have to reduce its price and sell it as ex dem?

This is the question. I suppose a (devious?) dealer may try to pass on an open item as new. That item might have been a demo unit and he might claim to have just opened it for testing. Some don’t supply local power cable / power adapter and dealer might need to open the box to put one in. Last time I bought a piece of kit, the dealer handed me the cable and didn’t open the box to put it in.

The other day, at the local hardware store, staffs were complaining at a customer returning an item because it is opened and can’t be sold as new anymore. On the other hand, with lawn mowers, it is not uncommon that dealer would set it all up and put oil and petrol in to demo how to use, etc. My last mower didn’t even come with a box as a result. :smiley:

Although oddly enough you can get a mattress for 30 days on a sale/return basis. Quite what they do with them afterwards I don’t know :thinking:

I’m not sure what dealers do but mine let me borrow a Nova that had not long come out of the box. I loved it and he gave me the option of a new one with a smaller discount or the demo model with 15% off. I snapped his hand off :joy:


Maybe it’s me, but:
I never haggle;
I never accept discount;
I always recieve outstanding advice (including 'don’t make the changes = don’t give us the profit) and way beyond outstanding service;
We get on just great.
…I would have it no other way.


I do not consider outstanding service and discount being mutually exclusive of one other. My dealer gave me demo, discount and delivered for free. I didn’t need him to hook it up for me though.

Of course this depends on the kind of products as well as accepted protocol in your country. Whilst not the same product so it is unfair comparison, as an example, I would expect excellent service along with good discount for automobile purchase.

Aren’t car negotiations the same in any country i.e. beat them into the ground as much as possible :wink::joy:

Although, how much beating usually depends on how they set their stalls out. I will let a dealer show me their hand with the trade-in. If they treat me like I was born yesterday then the gloves are off :joy:

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Did you audition in the dealer’s room first, or only at home? Whilst I agree that at home is ideal, I see it as the final confirmation (or not!).

I audition first in their room, but taking my speakers and amp (unless they have the same available), and first listen to mine in the demo room to set a baseline for how the room compares to mine. No-one has batted an eyelid, even when I’ve turned up with speakers weighing 60 kg needing carrying up a staircase!

Some even 3 months or a year when sold online. No matter how long, it is landfill or incineration if returned. All factored into the price as online retailers figure that nobody would buy a mattress online without trial otherwise, but still a shame

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Some manufacturers take the returned trials, disinfect them and replace the outer coverings to be resold at large discounts.

That way people can buy a good mattress at a fraction of retail.


Surprising and good, thanks for info

I’ve been fortunate to establish two new relationships with dealers in the past week or so. One through a recommendation from here for TQ cables and the other via Chord.

The dealer for Chord has gone out of their way to send me an Etude amp with a set of XLR cables and said to take as much time as needed. When I’ve had questions they’ve answered them and I’ve negotiated a very good deal with them.

For the TQ cables, after just an email conversation they’ve offered to drop off a few different cables to me to try in my system and when I enquired about possible discounts said, “ of course, I’m sure we can come up with a good price for you”.

I don’t think people should be nervous of asking about discounts, it’s probably something that is factored into the full price. In this instance both dealers have a happy new customer who will return again and help promote his business!


:+1: That’s dedication!

Reminds me of fashion runway shows where shoes are tapped to avoid wear and marks so they can be sold again new. I have respect for runway models. Their shoes are not broken in or perfect fit, floor is slippery, some runways have multiple levels. Patrons at the front row by the edge spill their champagne or knock over someone else’s. It is a miracle the models don’t fall down more. :bowing_man:

Sorry for going off topic.

What IKEA does if i recall correctly is charge 10% for returning a mattress, then reselling them with a 20% discount.

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I sincerely hope they do get disinfected. How I don’t know, especially with memory foam.

I watched an episode of Brainiac years ago and they put a used mattress in a room alongside a dehumidifier. Let’s just say the container wasn’t just full of room moisture!

Whatever it was full of must have been volatile and with a dew point below that of the dehumidifier cold element, though if the dehumidifier didn’t filter the air there it may capture flying insects or airborne dust.

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