Really basic soundbar question

We have a small TV and I have it wired through a switch into the HiFi with either the Freesat box, a Roku streamer or a Blu-ray player as sources. These go into my NDS.

This gives great sound but there is just a hint of lag between picture and sound that is annoying and occasionally makes dialogue hard to follow.

Would a simple soundbar help and work better? I know the sound quality won’t get close but for ‘normal’ TV rather than films it won’t really be an issue. The built-in TV speakers are awful (it is a Sony).


Most tv’s allow a degree of adjustment somewhere in the settings, as does our Virgin box. I tracked a similar problem down to the Dolby settings when using our Samsung TV & soundbar.


My music system is either side of the tv and whilst music is great, it lacks something with Tv sound.

We have a Dali sound bar and it’s a much better fit for the tv.

I’d like to take the sound bar away but in our case I know it would be a backward step.

We use a very simple and discreet Sonos Beam in the lounge. Sounds excellent for most things including a movie in front of the fire.
New Media Room will be running Roksan Altessa through Dali Opticon’s. Not up and running yet, but I have hopes that it will be good for “Movie Nights”…

Thanks folks. The sound settings are very basic, no Dolby or anything like that. The TV is a Bravia but probably over 10yrs old

I have a similar system with a Bravia. It’s output goes straight into my 52 which handles the sound from Freesat and Apple TV that go via HDMI into the Bravia. No need to use a switch to go between sources, just use the remote to move between HDMIs.

I had thought to use a Muso as a sound bar, but once the 52 was setup there was no need.

Lip syc is an issue which arises from connecting external speakers, particularly in AV setups. Have you checked each of your sources as to whether in settings there is a lip sync option, almost certainly present on disc player? The setting will likely be slightly different for each source and some discs may vary on the player. The Roku help website makes some reference to lip/sync issues. If you go with a sound bar, you may find the same issue, perhaps buy on sale or return. One other option, try different settings on the tv, beside sound, since certain display settings may impact the sound.
FWIW to set lip sync, I try and use a piano solo or drums, to get the notes in time with the action.

Thanks. I will look into those settings if they are present.


We bought a £10 toslink to analogue converter to output sound from the TV to the 252. No lag apparent.

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No ‘lipsync’ settings on the Bu-ray player. I think I need to borrow, or have 30 day return on a soundbar.

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