Really not sure I've got the hang of this Roon lark

I have a recently bought Antipodes EX server which I’ve successfully configured as a Roon Core device and have loaded music onto but can’t seem to get it to play to my NAC272, am I missing something fundamental as i have a horrid feeling that there is some incompatibility that i should have accounted for?


I don’t think the NAC 272 is Roon Ready. You need something that Roon recognizes. The cheapest option is if you can find a Chromecast Audio. It’s been discontinued but still available in some shops or Ebay. Great value for the money.

ok, thanks for that

not sure if it would be better to switch to an alternative way to set up to serve the music to the 272 now though, maybe via squeezebox, or another alternative on the EX setup

sadly am not too up on the implications of switching at this point in the loading up of my music library so will do some more research

cheers for the help though, at least i’m not pursuing a blind alley any further

There are relatively cheap workarounds to feed a 272 from Roon such as lms-to-upnp. A search for “roonify” will probably find many alternatives.

super, thanks for the insight will sit down and have a good read over to get sorted

I think your server is a Roon Core.
And so you’ll need a Roon Endpoint.
Often people just get a Sonore upnp Bridge from small green computer to achieve this in a single box, iirc.

I had a 272 and used RPi it’s pretty good but it’s another thing in the chain … I have an RPi 3 with a good quality output hifi berry board would be willing to sell it on … as far as I can remember it’s all configured…let me know if you are interested…

This is a very good solution.

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Just ordered the Sonore Birdge, thanks for all of the answers so far

Next thing (I’m sure) will be sorting cabling, anyone got experience of what’s required please so that i can get them ordered in preparation?

thanks (again…)

Bog standard cat5e unshielded. At least to start with. Exotic stuff might ‘change’ something, but ‘better’ is subjective. The only definite is that it will empty your wallet…

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Blue Jeans cat 5e worked very well for me.

Hi Chris,
Just be careful with the Sonore bridge with 272, when using Roon. A couple of points.

  1. When using the Sonore bridge with the 272, it has a +15 volume offset. In that, if the 272 volume is set to zero and you select play in Roon, of a music source, the 272 will automatically go to +15 volume.
  2. If I was you, I would not set the volume in Roon for the Sonore bridge to maximum output. Mine decided one day while adjusting volume of 272, to drive it to maximum volume. Hence, the Naim 300DR went to full output and the PMC Twenty5 26’ went very, very loud, before I could reduce the volume. Fortunately, there was no damage done. However, with ATC’s, I think your hearing might suffer a shock at the very least.

One more point, I forgot to mention. If your in U.K; you can look forward to having to pay nearly £50 in import duties :frowning: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

@chris5, um, maybe a bit late with this thought but, if you are not using the internal DAC of the EX, or feeding an external usb DAC, the EX seems like the wrong box for the task. What was the rationale for the Antipodes?

That’s good advice, thanks, it was set to 100% so has been reduced for peace of mind…

…I’ve never got anywhere near the volumes that I’m sure they can produce and wouldn’t have fancied that kind of shock to the system

I take delivery tomorrow of a Roon Nucleus. I already have the Sonore bridge, which I was using in conjunction with a Windows 10 laptop. If I discover anything else, with using the 272, then I will let you know. I hope you enjoy the 272, Sonore and Roon.

Its a fair point, especially given my oversight with Roon but I did prefer this to the more usual options of Innuos or Melco and bought it with an eye on future upgrades

Great, thanks for that and good luck with your new purchase too


What have you run the Roon Core on until now?

Did adding Roon to your 272/555DR improve SQ at all?

Hi JimDog,
I previously run Roon Core on a i5 Windows 10 laptop. What Roon did by adding it to the 272/555DR, was give me access to Quboz and hi-res radio streams. It is also used for the Nova and a Mu-so Qb. So yes, it did improve the SQ. I also have a Sonore UpNP bridge, so I can use the 272 as a endpoint. Roon seems to run smoother and quicker on the Nucleus, even though it is only a i3 processor. I guess it may be down to running on Linux, rather than bloated Windows 10.